2021 best sales books in the world list

January 3, 2021
January 3, 2021 admin

Right at the death of 2020(thank goodness!) I received a message from my friend and fellow author Patrick Tinney.  He asked me if I had seen an announcement?  I hadn’t and he shared it with me.  In short, BookAuthority – the independent body who review and rank books – based on their detailed research and input from worldwide domain experts – had just announced their ‘Best New Sales Books to Read in 2021 list’.  Somehow, and with no idea how it had happened, I was on the 2021 list.  The best sales books in the world!?!?  ????????????‍♂️  Needless to say I am honoured, pleased, excited, happy, proud etc.  It’s a total shock but I am more than happy to accept the award.  I can now use their award winner logo on everything I do going forward.  I guess that’s not a bad start to 2021!?!?  Here is their home page – bookauthority.org/  and here is their 2021 best sales books in the world list – bookauthority.org/books/new-sales-books  (I am #20)


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