The B2B Sales
Top Tip Guidebook.

This book goes right to the core of B2B sales. Following on from the worldwide success of his first two books, Jim has collaborated with 26 thought leaders and friends to create a unique book. Each contributor adds a single chapter on their experience or expertise, focused on one specific subject. Jim has even included chapters written by those who buy from B2B salespeople, which deliver further great insight.

The chapters cover a broad range of B2B sales topics, including researching before calling, questioning skills, handling objections, becoming more collaborative, adding value, listening to your customers, leading with integrity, negotiation and many others. There are also chapters on attitude, the psychology of sales and even ‘Lazy Pigeons’! These 26 guest chapters are full of advice, experience and wisdom designed to help you succeed. And Jim also adds another 10 chapters, building on the success of his first two books, to further cement and support your learning.

Look online at the reviews for Jim’s first two books – The B2B Selling Guidebook and The B2B Leaders Guidebook. Each has received only 5* reviews and powerful supporting comments from experts, coaches and professional bodies.

Imagine having access to world-class skills learning from 27 experienced practitioners. Now imagine what that experience and knowledge could do for you…

Larry Levine – Author of Selling from the Heart

“In today’s hyper-competitive B2B selling environment, it is imperative for salespeople to keep learning, thriving and adapting to the rapid changes around them. This book, from Jim and 26 other specialist contributors delivers true value to your sales efforts. Choose a subject and learn from a real domain specialist. A great concept – absolutely thrilled to be involved.”

Alison Edgar MBE - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur``

“My pal Jim has done it again! His first book on B2B Selling won a worldwide award. His second, on B2B leadership, gained critical acclaim. His third book is unique. He delivers more of his great advice on B2B sales. He has then also partnered with 26 others – authors (including me), procurement specialists, coaches and respected friends who each added a chapter, to create something very special. With a grand total of over 740 years experience in these pages, The B2B Sales Top Tips Guidebook will deliver wisdom directly to you!”

Rick Denley - Your Transformational Growth Coach

“In this book, Jim has collaborated with some of the best sales coaches, trainers, mentors, friends and experts to share with you the needed SKILLS + TOOLS + KNOWLEDGE to successfully sell in this new hybrid world. If you are in B2B sales, this book is a must-read!”

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