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Develop insights and long-term value

In this book, Jim helps the salesperson see reality, develop insights and then, most of all, add long-term value to the client-supplier relationship.

Bob Bishop

Former Chairman and CEO, Silicon Graphic Inc

A must read for B2B Selling

Easy to follow and super useful. This is definitely a must read for those who are looking to do some B2B selling. I would thoroughly recommend this book. I never write reviews so for me to do so, really says something.

Tara Walsh


Written in an easy-to-follow style

Jim really knows his stuff and has put together a great book which will help people who are new to sales as well as others who have been in the sales profession for a long time. Written in an easy-to-follow style it also has sprinkles of his Scottish humour. Highly recommended.

Alison Edgar


Simplistically instructive but also captivating

Absolutely the most practical and useful book ever written on B2B selling. From beginning to end, Jim Irving’s masterpiece is simplistically instructive but also captivating. This book is powered by Jim’s 40+ years of selling experience. It’s a shortcut through the hard knocks route of mastering the crazy nuances of the B2B selling profession. Highly recommend this book and this author.

TK Adams

Online Sale

I will use this book as a sales-bible going forward.

I read Jim Irving’s first sales book and wondered how his second book could add further learning – I needn’t have worried! Straight away, from page 1, chapter 1, I was gripped and couldn’t put this book down. I am hungry to learn and to improve my sales but I’m also a keen reader of any literature that helps with life skills which is why I think everyone should read this book. You don’t need to have sales in your title – we are all selling something, and this book provides immense learning. Chapter 8 in particular is for anyone in any job! I feel grateful to have obtained so much learning from Jim and his friends/colleagues from all over the world – those who have achieved great success and shared their knowledge and experience with others. I will use this book as a sales-bible going forward. Learning is ongoing for all of us and I will reread this book over and over until the learning is ingrained in me. Kudos to Jim Irving for the genius idea to bring others in on his book, I feel so much richer for having read it!



A different approach from most sales books

I’ve read 20+ books about sales over the last year, this is one of the best. Jim takes a different approach from most sales books in the way he formats each short chapter. Each one starts with an introduction of a principle, an example of how Jim has applied this in a high-level sales situation, followed by a summary of the lesson learned. The anecdotes are interesting and funny at times which really helps visualise how to handle various sales situations. Unlike a lot of sales books, the principles learned from The B2B Guidebook apply very well to C-level selling. When you read Jim’s career history and references from C-level and Director level people, you know that the man is worth paying attention to. Don’t miss the appendix section as there are some really useful formats for evaluating what you need to do to hit your numbers.

Martin Tonothy


The content of this book is valuable to anyone in sales

Jim Irving has the unique background, knowledge and experience that makes the content of his book valuable to anyone in sales. Each chapter has an easy-to-read format that guides you through the processes required to be successful in sales and be a successful sales team leader. It is enjoyable to read, and you will learn top tips that really work.

Thomas Cairns


Touching the highs and lows of selling

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Jim over the past number of months and this book is a great example of the wealth of experience that he has amassed throughout his career. Poignant in parts, it provides a real-life view of Jim’s 40+ year sales career and he touches on the highs and lows of selling, using very clear examples to make each point. I usually struggle to get started reading a book and I’m renowned (as, I guess, most sales people are!) for getting distracted and never finishing books that I start. As I write this, it’s 12:57pm. I picked up Jim’s book this morning at 9:30am and I’ve finished it already – as well as taking two tele-conference calls and a tea-break! So, it’s an easy read, but it’s also compelling in such a way that I couldn’t put it down. Three points that truly stood out to me are in Chapter 13 where Jim explains the use of “Which means that…”, Chapter 15 where he talks about the importance of Integrity, and Chapter 20 where he speaks to “Attitude in Your Personal Life”. I can’t recommend this book highly enough if you’re in any way involved in sales, or if you’re interested in learning more about the everyday challenges that those of us in this noble profession face.



Breaking down sales strategies

The B2B Selling Guidebook is equally useful to those people on the start of their sales journey (and don’t think they know anything) and those who have decades of experience.

Unlike many other b2b books, Jim breaks down sales strategies and turns them into understandable stories rather than dry theory. Think of this book as the university of life version of a four-year degree on selling. I challenge anyone, whether new to sales or a 20-year veteran, to read this book and not come away with practical ways to be a better salesperson. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever bought under a tenner.

John G Ferris


40 years of perfecting his craft really shine though

The book is written in a very personal way and Jim is a great storyteller. He has included many real-life scenarios from sales meetings in board rooms, to interviews, to dealing with competitors and even life lessons from his own personal life, which were very enlightening. His knowledge and vast experience from over 40 years of perfecting his craft really shine though. Jim portrays an honesty in his writing and reinforces the message that relationships, connection and collaboration are what make good business. The best way to ‘win a deal’ is when all sides are happy and not just one. Indeed, his stories about meeting rival competitors’ years down the line and sharing friendly conversations about deals won and lost shines some warmth on what many people could see as a ruthless business industry. I personally listened to the audio book of The B2B Selling Guidebook which is very well narrated by Jim himself and a nice length at just over four hours long. If you are a business owner who sells B2B or work in sales and want to learn more from real life experience, whilst being entertained with some incredible stories at the same time, this will be a fantastic read for you.



It's an easy and enjoyable read

I’ve just read this for a second time. It’s an easy and enjoyable read. It’s a great insight into the strategies that Jim used in his 40+ career and provides plenty of food for thought. I’ll read it again and intend to put some of the ideas shared into practice.

Michael Wall


Full of wonderful quotes, advice and insight

I’m a big fan of Jim Irving’s previous book The B2B Selling Guidebook. So, I was naturally excited to buy his new book The B2B Leaders Guidebook. Jim tells wonderful stories which are always easier to remember than just facts and figures. Having run teams in the corporate world and now with my own sales and LinkedIn training business, there is so much to relate to and learn from. Pages 54-56 are my favourite about team culture. To those stuck or frustrated with team meetings, there’s plenty to learn here that will make your life easier. Full of wonderful quotes, advice and insight, Jim Irving’s The B2B Leaders Guidebook is a must-read to improve your leadership skills.

Niraj Kapur


Powerful lessons in short chapters

Jim Irving does it again with his second book ‘The B2B Leaders Guidebook’! Just like ‘the B2B Selling Guidebook’, Jim uses a similar format and structure. Powerful lessons in short chapters that are easy to digest and follow. Plenty of case studies and examples from his own experience, which help to bring his teaching to life. You also get a deeper insight into Jim’s journey from frontline sales professional through to executive leadership roles in multinationals and start-ups from the stories that he weaves throughout the book. Packed with nuggets of gold, this book I can see has been written to help both new and experienced leaders maximise the value and contribution of everyone in their companies, no matter their position or level of ambition.

Jonathan Lancaster


Needs to be on the desk of every sales director

The B2B Leaders Guidebook needs to be on the desk of every sales director and CEO in the land. I consider it a bible of bibles.

Jeremy Jacobs

The Sales Rainmaker®

This book is packed full of wisdom

We’re all in sales -isn’t that what Dan Pink once said? Whether we’re selling a product, an idea or ourselves before an interview panel we all need to know how to convert attention and interest into a meaningful result. This book is packed full of wisdom from not only the author but a multitude of other people also with a proven track record in sales. Both the depth and variety of topics tackled is impressive. I struggled in terms of whether to give this five stars or not but it dropped a mark in lacking an index which would have allowed the reader to truly use it as a guidebook or reference tool when wanting to immediately access advice on a particular sales skill, initiative or tactic. Everyone starting out in sales should read the classics by Cialdini, Tracey and Pink. Over time this might just prove to be another one of them….

John Lee


Abundance of useful tips and techniques across a range of sales topics

This book by Jim and friends provides an abundance of useful tips and techniques across a range of sales topics. The excellent stories and examples highlighted accompany the wealth of experience of the B2B selling environment described within the chapters. Every chapter offers a unique perspective of a different sales topic and is full of helpful hints and advice. A must-read for those who sell B2B!

Jamie Martin


Veterans are revealing their best kept secrets

In World War II, veteran pilots were criticised for not sharing their knowledge with new pilots. For example; applying a rudder when flying straight to make it difficult for enemy planes to take aim, or zeroing their guns to shorter distance to improve the result of an engagement. Sharing best practice is invaluable in any trade or industry. Many sales books try to “re-invent the wheel” when it comes to sales – the B2B Sales Top Tips Guidebook takes a different approach. It takes the combined knowledge of industry experts with decades of experience (over 700 years combined!) and shares the key facets of what made those individuals successful in their respective fields. It provides insights into making the most of modern CRM and social media, the psychology of negotiation, and even covers the perspective of a buyer. There is an underlying theme of professionalism that encourages the reader to elevate their ethical conduct in the practice of sales. Of all the sales books I have read, this is the most concise and valuable. Expertly written, and in some cases laugh out loud humorous. – It’s an essential guidebook for those new to sales and veterans alike. – Required reading for all those who want to be at the top of their game. – And in this case, the veterans are revealing their best kept secrets for the benefit of the wider sales community. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

JC Durant


Cuts to the chase with real anecdotal evidence

Jim brings years of business experience to the table in what should become the bible for anyone in any business discipline where there is a focus on B2B markets. The sales process for any business in the B2B market is extremely complex, with many touch-points, both internally and externally. Countless situations arise during this process and Jim cuts to the chase with real anecdotal evidence from his vast experience which saw him rise to the very top of the tough global industry sector within which he worked. And it works when put into practice! I am seeing the actual results right now in my business life. Jim is a hero, and his book is a must-read.



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