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The B2B Selling Guidebook Series is exactly what you need if you are new to selling, or an experienced sales-person / sales leader, looking to further improve and develop your sales capabilities. Jim Irving has created an invaluable, yet concise, series that can accelerate your revenues – and your career.

The B2B Selling Guidebook Series will also benefit those in marketing, administration, legal and financial roles, plus those in ‘C’ level positions, whose work touches on the world of selling.

Through the use of real stories to illustrate and amplify his points, Jim delivers powerful and timeless lessons on many critical do’s and don’ts of the complex world of B2B selling. Underpinning the books there are multiple insights into the psychology of selling, leadership and communication, the power of an honest and ethical approach to selling and what is needed to create a long-term career – and a better life.

“Jim’s reputation is very well established. He has gone in to lead sales/the business in difficult circumstances and markets and has delivered clarity in strategy and also in sales execution and improved results. He understands the dynamics of selling.”

Professor Paul Atkinson, Founding Partner - Par Equity (a multi award winning VC firm), Executive Chairman Taranata Group and serial investor.

“Why is there a three-book series? How did it happen? Well, it’s pretty simple…

I wrote the first book with the black cover, not knowing (like all authors) if anyone would be interested in what I had to say. It turned out a lot of people did. Thousands! And then the reviews and awards added to my happiness.

BookAuthority (independent and one of the biggest book review sites in the world) named it one of its ’21 best sales books in the world for 2021’. The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) also added their supportive comments. 5* reviews and comments followed…

Pressure grew. And so my second book, ‘The B2B Leaders Guidebook’ with the white cover, was born. Pointed directly at sales, business unit and small business leades. It then also achieved another worldwide award and lots more 5* reviews and comments. I thought I was finished…

A year later, having entered the community of business and sales coaches, speakers and authors, I had an idea for a VERY unusual third book.  I wrote another 10 chapters, and asked old friends, ex-colleagues, fellow authors, and others (all whom I respected) to write and contribute a chapter each on their favourite sales topic.  And they did!  It was a bit like herding cats for a while, but the red book was published.  And it’s done ‘rather well’ too! So, that’s the story.  Now let’s dig into the books! 

While each one is different, there is a common theme.  These books are not about theory but are more about what I have learned over 47 years of high-level sales, sales and business leadership.  They are short-cuts to the best way, every time.  They have as many examples of what didn’t work – badly – as they have of successes. 

Each book contains very short chapters – ideal for travel – with working summary and notes pages at the end. They are specifically designed for busy sales and businesspeople. 

The paperbacks are only available from Amazon (worldwide).  The e-book (Kindle) similarly comes only through Amazon.  The white and black books are, however, also available from every major audiobook supplier.    

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